• Ballyhood Bimini to Mag Bay Lure Combo -

Ballyhood Bimini to Mag Bay Lure Combo



  • 2 Wahoo Wachos!A 5.5 oz x 7-1/2" bullet head - a straight runner even through tough seas! Rigged with 200# S.S. cable, a ball bearing swivel, 7691S 7/0 hook with a willow leaf spinner blade all tucked under vinyl skirts over double mylar! Troll at 6-10 knots anywhere in your pattern - we like it in close, just behind the prop wash!
  • 2 Wahoo Express High speed sub-surface slammer with giant jet action, 0-14knots. Designed with the knowledgeable contributions of Wahoo expert Dr. Ray Waldner of West Palm beach, Florida, and Twig Tolle Jr. of Sportfishing Magazine, the "Wahoo Express" weighs in at 14 ounces, measures 10" overall, and has a highly polished 1" diameter bullet head with large goggle eyes. The skirts are made of triple mylar. The Wahoo Express is designed to troll fast, below the surface. You can troll this lure at up to 14 knots! The Express comes expertly rigged with stainless steel wire, 9/0 stainless steel Mustad 95160 hook, black Sampo swivel, plus a #3-1/2 hammered nickel spinner blade. 10" of pure madness!
  • 2 Payback Monster Jets! LADY LOUISE WON $98,555 IN THE MID-ATLANTIC 500 USING THE "PAYBACK MONSTER JET"! NEED MORE REASONS? 10" X 1.5" with a ton of jets drilled through the slant face head makes this a deadly surface lure that produces a monster bubble trail that will tease all species into a biting frenzy!