• Daiwa Tanacom Dendoh 60-150 Pounds 2 Piece 5 Feet 6 Inch Heavy Deep Drop Rod

Daiwa Tanacom Dendoh 60-150 Pound 2 Piece 5 Feet 6 Inch Heavy Deep Drop Rod



This beautifully designed series of 4 deep drop rods represents the culmination of Daiwa’s offshore “Dendoh Style” rod development. The powerful Glatech Blank Construction sandwiches uni-directional fiberglass between 90º inner and outer layers of graphite. The result is an incredibly resilient blank with the backbone and lifting power to control and move strong fish. Daiwa's popular Powerlift Grip increases comfort and grip while allowing maximum pressure. The Alps Swivel Tip Top Guides avoid unpleasant surprises right at the transom. The Seaguide Aluminum Oxide Ring Guides are strong while allowing minimum resistance whether paying out or retrieving line. The rod is finished with an  Alps Anodized Aluminum Curved Butt End and Aluminum Reel Seat. The quality of construction and components make it easy to offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty. If deep drop fishing is your game then you owe yourself a look at the new Tanacom Offshore Deep Drop Rods. Well-built with quality parts, this series of rod will occupy your rod holders for a long time to come.

  • Model TNB56HF-DD
  • Power H
  • Action F
  • Length Feet 5'6"
  • Pieces 2
  • Line Wt. (Lb.) 60 - 150
  • No.Guides 5