• Garmin GMR Fantom 126 - 6 Feet Open Array Radar

Garmin GMR Fantom 126 - 6 Feet Open Array Radar

SKU: K10-00012-20


Open-array Radar with Industry-leading 120 W Solid-state Output Power


  • 6’, 120W solid-state open-array radar with pedestal
  • MotionScope™ technology detects and highlights moving targets in different colors to help avoid collisions, find flocks of birds and track weather
  • Pulse Compression technology provides high-resolution imaging while maximizing energy to enhance target detection and identification
  • True echo trails display a fading trail to help you quickly and easily identify moving targets while accounting for the movement of your own boat
  • Overlay radar on your chart screen as single display or split screen with independent range settings

In The Box

  • GMR Fantom 126 antenna and pedestal
  • Mounting hardware kit and template
  • Right angle power cable (15 meters)
  • Right angle network cable (15 meters)
  • Voltage converter
  • Documentation