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Nomad Atlas Deep Crank Floating 38 Lure - 1.75 Inches (HN)

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The Atlas Crank is designed to go super deep and have a tight wiggle at slow speeds that will entice any fish to bite. With a diving depth of 10ft+ when trolled or 8ft+ when cast, this lure gets down to where the fish are hanging. Perfectly balanced with internal weights, it also casts like nothing else in it’s class. Ideal for trout, bass and panfish, the super small Atlas Crank features a range of high detail finishes that are sure to entice even the most timid fish.

  • The Atlas Crank 38 is a 1 3/4 inch, 1/6 ounce deep diving crankbait.
  • Designed to cast easily, go super deep and have massive action even at slow retrieve speeds.
  • Perfectly balanced with internal weights.
  • Casts like nothing else in its class.

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