Pelagic The Mack Sunglasses

SKU: MSG10400-ZZ04


PELAGIC PMG (Polarized Mineral Glass) Lens Technology represents the highest evolution in marine grade polarized optics. Produced in state-of-the-art European Optical Laboratories, this lens material was specifically developed for life on the water where harsh, salty, and ever-changing conditions can often persist for days on end.

Polarized Mineral Glass: Delivering an Unfair Advantage

Utilizing a proprietary blend of naturally occurring minerals and rare earth elements,
PELAGICs PMG Lens Technology delivers the most optically correct, visually accurate
glass lens on the market today. No matter what external or environmental conditions
you may possibly face - sunny, cloudy, wet, dry, or salty PELAGIC provides an extra
layer of protection for your eyes that you can count on day in and day out.

When you consider the unique combination of features: PMGs Precise Optical Accuracy, our Zero-Glare Polarization Process, and our Tuff-Lens Scratch Protection, you can see how PELAGIC Polarized Mineral Glass Lens Technology can provide an unfair advantage over the competition. Can You See the Fish?

Precise Optical Accuracy PELAGICs Polarized Mineral Glass (PMG) Lens technology provides
the highest level of distortion-free optical clarity and visual accuracy available in the world today.

Zero-Glare (ZG3X) Polarization Our Zero Glare (ZG3X) polarization process dramatically eliminates
haze, glare, and unwanted light reflections commonly encountered both on and off the water.

Tuff-Lens Scratch Protection All PMG lenses feature our exclusive Tuff-Lens Scratch Protection,
which provides industry-leading durability and greater surface hardness, while providing the highest
degree of scratch resistance on the market today

The PMG Advantage Each PMG lens provides multi-finish hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings for easy removal of sea spray, fingerprints, fish gunk, and oil-based sunscreens, while offering extra protection from the suns direct and reflecting UV rays.