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  • Pelagic Twin Diesel Sunglasses -
  • Pelagic Twin Diesel Sunglasses -
  • Pelagic Twin Diesel Sunglasses -

Pelagic Twin Diesel Sunglasses

SKU: MSG10800-ZZ04


Frame: With a name like TWIN DIESEL, it could only mean one thing Large and in charge!

Fit: TWIN DIESEL was designed to fit on a range of facial types, particularly for those who prefer a larger frame shape.

PELAGIC POLARIZED offers the most advanced polycarbonate lens in the world. Our proprietary XP-700 Polarized Lens System combines the latest optical technologies to create the ultimate visual advantage both on and off the water.

Melanin Technology
Enhanced Clarity and Contrast
5-layer Anti-Reflective Coating
Oleophobic/Hydrophobic Coating
Multi-Layer Anti-Scratch Hard Coating

THE MELANIN ADVANTAGE - Pelagic is the first company in the offshore market to infuse MELANIN into all its lenses.
What is melanin? Melanin is a pigment found throughout the human body which acts as a natural defense against the sun. Its sole purpose is to protect our skin and eyes against sunlight damage by filtering all forms of Ultraviolet (UVA, UVB, UVC) and High Energy Visible (HEV) light, better known as Violet-blue light.
Powerful, natural protection from UV and HEV rays
Reduces Eye Strain and Fatigue
True Color Perception

PELAGIC POLARIZEDfeatures Carbonite-16 frame technology, engineered to combat the extreme conditions of the offshore environment. These frames are tough yet flexible, lightweight & comfortable, and perfectly balanced for performance and style...on land or at sea.

Lightweight  Takes away pressure points
Durability  ANSI Z87.3 Certified Shatterproof
Flexibility  Comfortable, contoured fit