• Yo-Zuri 2DS Minnow 4 Inch Fishing Lure

Yo-Zuri 2DS Minnow Lure - 4 Inches



Featuring a diamond shaped lip, this lure is designed to run true even in strong currents. The flat-sided, hard body design provides great wiggle action on a straight retrieve while shorter burst, jerk retrieves cause the bait to cut more erratically in the water. With molded-in pectoral fins and a 3D prism finish, the look and action of this bait gives the appearance of a live fish, sure to incite strikes.

Key Features

  • Unique diamond shaped lip keeps lure in the water longer
  • Flat-sided hard body design allows for various, effective retrieve action
  • Molded in fins and 3D finish give the lure a realistic look
  • Black nickel round bend hooks