• Black Bart Blue Water 30 Pound Pro Stand Up 2 Piece 6 Feet Trolling Rod
Black Bart

Black Bart Blue Water Pro 30 Pound Stand Up 2 Piece 6 Feet Trolling Rod with Express Roller Guides

SKU: 15134


Black Bart rods are created to fish the future now, ready to merge with modern reels, modern line, and finally modern techniques. Fish your heart out, pick your target and fish with total confidence, these rods were designed for your extreme pleasure. This rod is in the 30 Pound class and it measures 6 feet, it's designed for trolling and fighting fish standing up. It comes with Black Bart Custom Blank,Winthrop Express Roller Guides (non-ball bearing), Winthrop Express Tip Roller Tip (aluminum), Aftco UniButt, Paua Shell Inlays, Finger Cut EVA Foregrip and Custom Rod Hosel.