Black Bart

Black Bart Hot Breakfast Medium Heavy Tackle Lure

SKU: 797


Hot is the perfect description of this scaled down "Breakfast" this exciting lure is just the ticket for the fishermen looking to spice up his riggers with a very hot Marlin lure. Hot mixes up your pattern bringing guaranteed action to your spread, this quick moving, aggressive splashing, diving, swimming lure will be streaking through your wake with a high voltage teasing action that says, "Catch Me If You Dare". Rig with 9/0 hookset.


  • Hard Head
  • Weight Skirted: 6 oz / 170 grams
  • Head Length: 2.1" / 53mm
  • Head Diameter: 1.4" / 35.6mm
  • Skirted Length: 13" / 330mm
  • Leader: 300 - 400 lbs
  • Replacement Skirt Size: S5
  • Recommended Hook Size: 9/0