• Black Bart Small Billfish Lure Pack Rigged 30-50 Pound Tackle
Black Bart

Black Bart Small Billfish Rigged Lure Pack 30-50 Pound Tackle

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This pack is hot, how hot, scorching! "Dis is da kine" as it is said in Hawaii, da kine means they are no ka oi, the best of the best! Fish this spread of 9" lures at home or take them on your next fishing vacation, chances are those pros in the know already treasure this select pack.


  • Black Bart Embroidered Lure Bag
  • Lure Placement Diagram
  • "New" Bart Custom Needle Eye Single Stainless Steel Tuna Bend Hooksets
  • 300 lb Leaders 10 ft
  • Bad Guy Lure
  • El Squid Sr. Lure
  • Wicked Lure
  • Mini 1656 Flat Lure
  • Mini 1656 Angle Lure
  • Cairns Prowler Lure