• Momoi Diamond Braided Line 80 Pounds 300 Yards - Orange

Momoi Diamond Gen 2 Braided Line - 80 Pounds 300 Yards - Orange

SKU: 95699-63480


Since its introduction, Diamond Braid has quickly become the choice of the world's finest fishermen and women. All Diamond Braided Line is manufactured in the U.S.A. to the highest standards in the industry. We use only the finest Spectra Fibers manufactured by Honeywell using the latest "Generation 2 Technology", state of the art braiding techniques. All Diamond Solid Braid features smaller diameters per line class, just the right amount of stretch, and greatly improved knot strength. Diamond Braid's improved roundness and smaller size allows for tighter spool winding and increased reel capacity. Choose Diamond Hollow Core Braid anytime you need to splice in a Top Shot or make up a box of custom Wind-On's.


  • Pound Test 80 Pounds
  • Line Diameter (mm/in) 0.457mm / 0.01799in
  • Core Solid