• Momoi Silver Lock Sleeves - 50 Count Pack -

Momoi Silver Lock Sleeves - 50 Count Pack

SKU: 95699-90501


Diamond Fishing Products Mini & Silver Lock Sleeves represent the ultimate combination of quality metals, advanced machining and precision cutting. Combined with Diamond Fishing Products' Monofilaments and Diamond Fishing Products' Crimp Tools, our sleeves provide guaranteed line performance and trouble-free attachments.


Sleeve Size Inside Diameter Monofilament Diameter (mm) Monofilament Diameter (in) Mono Lb. Test
D 2.2mm 1.90mm-2.05mm 0.075in-0.080in 400lb.
E 2.0mm 1.70mm-1.80mm 0.067in-0.071in 300lb.
F 1.8mm 1.50mm-1.70mm 0.059in-0.067in 250lb.
G 1.6mm 1.40mm-1.50mm 0.55in-0.59in 200lb.
H 1.35mm 1.10mm-1.30mm 0.043in-0.051in 150 lb.

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